Sherlock Lives.

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Have you ever had someone take your brain and play? Pull you out and stuff something else in? You know what it’s like to be unmade?

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Icarus is flying too close to the sun
And Icarus's life, it has only just begun
And this is how it feels to take a fall
Icarus is flying towards an early grave

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sarah manning, natural selection (1.01)

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Favourite quotes from Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

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The Winter Soldier wears a mask for most of the film, which made it difficult for me to convey emotions. But it also kind of helped in a way. I felt when I was looking at myself in the mirror that I couldn’t recognize myself at all.

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when i find myself in times of trouble

sarah manning comes to me

speaking words of wisdom

get your shit together ya silly tit

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I wonder how Bucky would feel about knowing he’s on that wall, after everything that’s happened.

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Bedelia Du Maurier


Bedelia Du Maurier

1x2 Amuse-Bouche / 2x7 Yakimono

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l  e  s  t  e  r    n  y  g  a  a  r  d

l  e  s  t  e  r    n  y  g  a  a  r  d

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